Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun at the Zoo! (How I spent my Sunday)

Next week we will be talking about zookeepers in reading. For all you Reading Street teachers out there, our weekly story is A Fox and a Kit. To me, this story can be a bit bland, so to spice it up a little I created some zoo friends.

My plans also include having the kids make their own zoo animals. The story talks about a mother fox and her baby, so I was thinking about incorporating baby animals into the art project. I was also so inspired by First Grader at Last blogger Sarah Cooley and her adorable poster of 'Pete the Paleontologist'. I created 'Zack the Zookeeper'.

The animals are just clip art that I printed from the Internet. I will take them off Zack once the kids have made their zoo animals. I just put them on to give the kids some ideas of the types of animals they would find in a zoo and to give them an idea of what the animals looked like.


  1. LOVE Zack the Zookeeper!!! Might just have to make him when when study zoo animals!!! Cute!

  2. Zack the Zookeeper is TOO CUTE!! I bet the kids love him :) Way to really spice up the story!

  3. They did love him! It helped some of them understand the concept of character a little better too. Our next unit in reading deals with community workers so I'm thinking about creating some 'helpers'! :)