Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Bulletin Boards

3 weeks 'til school's out for summer...perfect time to change boards one more time, right? Our classroom was due for a change! :) 

This is our fiction/non-fiction board. We graphed which classmates liked fiction the best and which preferred non-fiction. Then the kids picked their favorite fiction or non-fiction book and drew the cover. We also created a Venn diagram.

At the beginning of the year, I created 'Roll, Read, and Write' for our Word Work center. Each student rolls the dice and matches up the number they rolled to the word on the form. Then they write about that word. Each week the words change depending on the sound skill. I hope to upload these onto Teachers Pay Teachers soon! It is a center favorite in my room! The kids started out just writing one sentence with their word, but now most are creating stories about their word. I made this board to showcase some of their best Roll, Read, and Writes 

We've been working on writing our own number story problems in math, so that's where this board is for.

Our reading story this week was all about Alexander Graham Bell, so we created our door with phones! Under each phone, the kids wrote one fact they learned about Bell from the story.

Next week, we are using the book  Junie B. Jones Aloha Ha Ha as our reading story. If anyone has ever done activities with this book, or have any ideas, please share! You wouldn't believe the lack of material on this cute book! 


  1. I love how you cut out your letters for you bulletin board titles! what a great idea!


  2. Yea---How did you do that? Are those made with a die cut machine?

    Third Grade Experience

  3. At the end of the year, we do a beach theme activity. The students get an outline of body on a 12x18 sheet of paper. Then they can choose a swim suit (bikini, bathing suit, swimming trunks, tank top) and accessories (sunglasses, hat, flip flops, etc.). All of these are items are copied onto paper. Then I let my kids choose how they want to decorate them -- markers, paint, construction paper, GLITTER. :) We even did tye dye by coloring with markers and then spritsing with water to cause the colors to bleed. They turned out so cute. Then the kids had to write about what they like to do at the beach or write a fictional story about going to the beach. The kids really got into the acitivity because of the time they invested into creating their own mini-me.

  4. Love the telephone idea! We also have Reading Street and just finished the Alexander Graham Bell story. Thanks so much for sharing. Liz in South Dakota

  5. I just finished readng this book to my class. They just loved it.

    I'm not doing any lessons with it but some ideas I have are getting them leihs (spg)in the past I've gotten them from the dollar store.

    You could do some geography about Hawaii. Research birds in Hawaii and do a report.

    Take pictures of the kids through out their day and have them write a photo journal.

    Adjectives are big in her books. You could also do synonyms of them. For example: grouchy and have them come up with more words for grouchy!

    Good luck and have fun!!
    Little Priorities

  6. What letters do you use for your bulletin boards? I LOVE them!

  7. These are really great! :)

    I'm doing a linky party with bulletin board ideas. I would love for you to add this post!

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  8. I like the phones on the door, everyone always decorates their door and I never get the my door is in the corner anyway so no one really see's it. Great idea.

  9. Hey girl,
    I did another post on Door Decorations, and I linked back to you for the Alexander Graham Bell Door. That one is so cute!
    Teaching Happily Ever After