Monday, January 30, 2012

A Babbling Abby Inspired Lesson

When I read the fabulous Babbling Abby's post about her making inferences lessons, I knew I had to do it in my classroom. It combines two of my favorite things: handbags and teaching! How can you go wrong? :) Check out her amazing lesson here. The lesson originates from a book called Comprehension Connections and it has many other fantastic ideas to use in the classroom.

The Bag:

Here's the chart we created, which was again, completely copied from inspired by Miss Abby. 

I feel that making inferences and drawing conclusions go hand in hand so this lesson was the PERFECT intro to our skill this week, which was drawing conclusions. After we did the lesson, we completed a  sheet where the kids had to use all the clues from my bag to draw a conclusion about what kind of person I am. Their responses were really cute:

Thanks again for a wonderful lesson idea Abby! :)


  1. Abby has the best lessons. The kids are always so engaged while I am teaching her lessons. I like the one that says, "Ms. Leslie Ann is a person who likes driveing a car." Ha! At least its something...
    Very Cute!

  2. cute!! I wonder if she knows she's the "inspiration" for a lot of lessons out there?! lol

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  3. Love it...and Abby's version, too! I have got to get around to doing it myself! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. That turned out so great! Love your bag!!!!

  5. I did this lesson today too! The kids were shocked, "You're going to show us inside your purse!" Apparently we tore down walls today! Thanks for sharing!! (P.S. your anchor chart turned out soooo cute!)

    - Beth

  6. You know what's funny? I had a dream I did this lesson last night. Maybe I should make it a reality.

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  7. Do you have a copy of this we can change to our names? Love it!

  8. Love your blog, this question is un-teacher related. Is that your couch in the background? it looks gorgeous!!!

  9. So cute. I actually have Miss Abby's mystery box unit but I love the purse idea. Your kids always want to know so much about you. This is perfect.

  10. Hey! This lesson is from a book called Comprehension Connections! It's by Tanny McGregor, and it's amazing! There are SO many fabulous ideas...and it's a quick read! :) Your lesson turned out super cute!

  11. Do you have an editable template of the worksheet available? I tried making my own, but it didn't turn out nearly as cute as yours! :)

  12. These are amazing thank you for sharing....