Friday, January 6, 2012

Phonics Tales! and A Roll Tide Sale!!

I've a ton of requests for the Phonics Tales freebie packet so I wanted to update y'all. I hope to have it posted by tomorrow. I left a few of the books in my classroom so when I stop by there tomorrow, I'll get them and add them to the packet. The packet will include all the books. I had thought about uploading what I've already got finished, but then I figured it would be easier to have them all in one packet for an easy and organized download. I did a couple of these with my kids this week as a whole group activity so they could learn how to do them and they did a fabulous job. They also really enjoyed them and I especially loved having something to go along with the book rather than having them just sitting there flipping through the pages. I feel like they'll be really useful. Look for them to be posted tomorrow!! 

And even though I just had a mini new year's eve sale, I didn't want the last chance to have a ROLL TIDE sale pass by. anticipation of Bama's 14th national championship, all items in my store are 20% off! It's a quick sale though...ends Monday night!


  1. Roll Tide Roll!!! Love your blog!! It has helped make me a better teacher. So thank you from the bottom of my formerly almost burned out heart! Number 14 here we come! RTR!


  2. So I won't be the only one wearing red to school on Monday, right? Roll Tide!