Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Classroom Pictures

I've been awful lazy here lately and haven't taken pictures of our classroom happenings, so be warned: there's a lot of pictures coming up! :)


We've been learning about the suffixes -ly and -ful this week. I made these cards for reference


When I saw Cara's "Poet-tree", I knew I had to recreate it. It is the perfect way to introduce poetry, which I'm doing this week. I'm also using the fabulous Poetry packet from Amanda @ One Extra Degree. If you're planning on teaching poetry, you seriously need to check out her unit. Fab-u-lous!

Daily Objectives

Last year, I did my daily objectives using this chart and started off every lesson by going over this chart. That way, the kids knew exactly what we were going to do and we were able to check off each item at the end of the lesson. They had to show me "evidence" that we did that topic. For example, for "comprehension skill", we completed a graphic organizer and for "words to know" we did our sight word cheer. Just little things like that that refreshed their memory at the end of the lesson and bought it all back home. I don't know why I stopped doing this because it worked really well and helped me stay on task and organized. I started doing it again this week and *love it*.
(ignore my little girl with entirely too big a head)


I've been struggling with finding good vocabulary activities for my kids. They haven't been too excited about our new vocabulary center until I put this activity in it this week. Who knew putting a colored sentence strip on a piece of paper would bring such excitement :) If you want the sheet that goes along with this, let me know and I'll post! 

This is the chart they used at the center to find the definitions.

Earth Day 

We started talking about Earth Day today. Here's a couple of our crafts we did.

I found these little cuties on Pinterest. Aren't they cute??

Cause and Effect Activity

We did this for our comprehension skill this week. The read aloud was called "The Cat Chase". We identified the cause and effect in the story and illustrated below. I am using this graphic organizer in our comprehension center with the leveled reader next week since they know what to do now.  If you want a copy, let me know and I'll post! :)

If you've kept reading this loooonnnng post, sorry for the picture overload :) I'll do better about taking pictures and posting regularly next week!

Update: The cause and effect graphic organizer and vocabulary sheet freebies are uploaded and can be found at my TpT store. :)


  1. Loved looking at all the pics!
    Especially love the Earth Day projects!

  2. That is so cute. I would love a copy of your stuff :) I love your blog!

  3. Wow! What beautiful classroom displays! Your students are lucky to have such a creative teacher!

    Lori (
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  4. I LOVE both your Earth Day crafts, they are soooo adorable. Do you have a pattern you could share for either one? I would really appreciate it.

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  11. Completing the daily objectives are my goal for next year!

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  18. I love the cause and effect activity. You have great ideas. Can you please share?



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  20. I would love to have the vocabulary sheet as well as the cause and effect sheet. We are doing "Henry and Mudge" on Monday.

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