Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Roll Tide Sale!

How excited are we about the return of college football, more importantly, the return of Bama football?? Since we are on the road to the 15th National Championship, I thought I'd throw a 15% off sale in my TpT Store.
 Pick up my newest unit, Short O Popcorn Literacy Activities. 

Or some of these best sellers of mine!
The Bandit Y- My #1 Best Seller!

Comprehension Posters- I only made the ones we cover in 1st grade. If you see one that's missing that you teach, email me and I will include it! 

Back to School Math and Literacy Centers- 12 in all!

Say it, Spell it, Stamp it! 

My first science lesson- I'm making more...slowly but surely! :)

Short a Literacy Centers

Short i Literacy Centers

Simply click on each picture to get these units on sale!! 
Head over to Life in First Grade's facebook page to find out how to win a free copy of the Short o Popcorn Literacy Activities! :)
Happy weekend and Roll Tide!!!!


  1. I'm not big into football, but I am big into sales!!!

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  2. I think you need one of my Bama Scarves or one of my BAMA burlap footballs. I'm going to be posting about my BAMA football soon. ROLL TIDE!!!

  3. Your units are ADORABLE! And I am just as excited for college football :)

    T is for Teaching

  4. I love your packets! And I am sooo excited about college football as well :)


  5. OMG, I just found you on Pinterest, fell in love with your blog THEN noticed you're from Centre?!? So am I (originally, I live in ATL now). Where do you teach? CES, CB, SR, etc?

    Oh, and ROLL TIDE!!