Thursday, August 1, 2013

What a GREAT Idea!

I just love hearing feedback from people who use my products in their classrooms and I just have to share this WONDERFUL idea that Danielle shared with me through leaving feedback on a Teachers Pay Teachers product of mine. This feedback was left on my Forest Friends Fry Phrases.
I didn't notice the feedback until someone else recently asked how Danielle did this. I can't believe I spent all of last year in my first grade classroom and did not use Fry Phrases like this!! This is such a good way to use the flash cards, but not have to use ink and spend time laminating and cutting them out. I decided to figure out just how Danielle did this because I'm not all that smart when it comes to an iPad, but it's actually super simple. 

Once you purchase the fry phrases (you can see all my fry phrase packs here), download them onto your iPad. When the product has downloaded, in the top right hand corner, tap (click?) "open in adobe". Now I had to download adobe reader onto my iPad, which was again, super simple and free! Just go to the app store and search for 'adobe reader'

Once you've opened the product in adobe reader, it will be listed in your documents:

Then you can have kids partner up and take turns reading each fry phrase.

Thank again, Danielle, for the FABULOUS idea!! :)

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  1. Great idea! Teacher Tipster also suggested putting images of sight words and putting them on a flash drive and then inserting them into a digital picture frame. (Who doesn't have at least one extra one laying around?). Good practice. I had my nephew use magnetic letters to make the words and then snap a picture of each word. Colorful and fun way to practice those tricky words!