Monday, March 17, 2014

Product Spotlight: CTP Resource Books

I recently teamed up with Creative Teaching Press to show y'all some of their fabulous products. I've always been a fan of this educational supplier, but I was floored to discover that they had resource books! What?! I had only ever seen accent pieces and bulletin board sets. I absolutely love teacher resource books, so I wanted my first product spotlight to be on these little gems. 
Are your kids ready for spring break?? Mine definitely are and I can tell I'm fighting for their attention at this point. Who can blame them? We all need a break! I decided that after we finished testing Friday that I would let them do some "fun" activities. And while my kids thought they were simply playing games, they were really learning valuable test taking strategies and skills! Win, Win!
We did several activities from these two books and my kids LOVED them. I know I say that a lot of my blog, but seriously y'all, my kids were BEGGING to play another. My last class even opted to stay in from break to finish the last "game". 

We did "Find the Food" and "Hidden Animals" where the kids had to find the hidden foods or animals within the sentence. So fun!

This activity was the most challenging, so we worked in groups with this one. The first group to finish won each round.

This one was probably my favorite. Each clue forced the kids to determine which state needed to be ruled out. Also challenging so this was a partner activity. 

You can find these activities and many more like them here and here.
(I used the fifth grade versions, but there's also K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)

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