Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Building Background...Fishing Trip!

As part of our reading series, we complete building background charts with the students. The charts have something to do with the story or topic for the week. It is suppose to build background and allow the students to think about what they already know about the topic. This year I decided to make a bulletin board to showcase these charts so the kids could look back and remember what all they filled out. It has really helped them understand WHY we are doing these charts and they love seeing their work on the wall. I usually have them make something that goes along with the chart.
A couple of weeks ago we read a story called Max and Ruby: A Big Fish for Max. We had to fill out a bubble chart about what we would take along if we went on a fishing trip. The kids really got into this, especially my little boys! They made sure they told me EVERYTHING that we would need, right down to fishing wire, scissors to cut it, and a bucket for any fish that we might catch! It really made them stop and think about what they already knew about that subject.
Afterwards, I had them make their own fish. I thought they turned out really cute!


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