Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dino Facts

In reading this week, we read a story called "The Big Circle". It was about a herd of triceratops protecting their baby from a T-Rex. My kids, especially my little boys, really enjoyed this story and loved learning about dinosaurs. I checked out some nonfiction books from our library and put them in the buddy reading center for the week. We read about T-Rex, Triceratops, and Long Neck dinosaurs, which we learned were also called Ultrasaurus. Here are the dinosaurs we made and displayed the facts we learned on.

We have one more story about dinosaurs in the next unit of our reading series called Mr. Bones and it's a biography about Barnum Brown who was a paleontologist. I would love to do some neat projects or activities about paleontologists and more dinosaur activities. Any ideas??


  1. What a neat idea to display the learned facts on those cute dinosaurs! Love it!

  2. Read: Digging Up Dinosaurs (or any other children's book about fossils)

    Talk about fossils and maybe show pictures of real dinosaur fossils (make sure you share that not just dinosaurs made fossils!

    You could make leaf fossils! Basically take the students outside for a leaf hunt. When they find their leaf you can take them back to the classroom and pass out play-doh (Costco had a great sale on little individual play-doh's). Have them stamp their leaf onto the play-doh. Let it dry overnight! It should be nice and fossilized by the next day! You could do it with any item (even a hand).

    -Love your blog! Let me know what you think about my new blog!

  3. I made some contraction cards for this unit and the next SF. You can download them at my bog:

    My goal is to create more resources to enhance SF. :) Thanks for all the great ideas!