Monday, December 19, 2011

Poetry Help Needed!

I really want to start incorporating more poetry into my reading centers, but am kinda clueless as to where to begin... I found a great book a few weeks ago and copied some of the poems out of it and put them in my reading center for the kids to read and I was amazed at how well even my strugglers did with them. I really think they would help with fluency but I don't really know what kinds of activities I should have for my kids to do with these great poems. I need help! Please email or comment below with any suggestions or send me the link to a post about your poetry center. :) :) I know I'll find some fantastic ideas from y'all!! :)


  1. I'm not sure if this will help, but I introduce a new poem each week which we read daily. At the end of the week, each child gets their own copy that goes into their poetry anthology which is in their FROG folder. (For Really Organized Guys and Gals - a binder that goes home each day.) The poems are great for fluency, and since they go home each night, I encourage parents to listen in.

  2. I have a poetry center during Daily 5. A new poem is introduced on Monday and we complete word work. If they pick the Poetry Center I have poetry art for them to complete. When they're done they can read the poems to self or with a buddy.

    What I'd like to eventually introduce the poem on Monday and if they pick that for the day they can work with a buddy going through and highlighting sight words. Kids LOVE being the teacher and they could take turns finding sight words.

  3. Hi! I put a poem a week in my pocket chart station. I also use the book You Read To Me, I'll Read to You and have the students partner up to work on fluency with those short poems/stories. I haven't quite figured out if I want to start a poetry notebook yet. So many other notebooks...I just don't know where to fit it in! So for now, it is in the pocket chart. Hope this helps.


  4. Have you been searching for poems?
    Try this blog:
    She does an amazing job with poems at the right reading level.
    Maybe you could contact her to find out how she incorporates poems into her class?

  5. Poetry is hard because kids think poems are corny little rhymes. Great poetry paints a picture in the readers mind and has amazing word choice. I love how Lucy Caulkins {} teaches poetry and Regie Routman {} also has a great variety of kids poems. I am working on a TPT poetry unit but it won't be one in awhile.


  6. In my school district we are using the McMillan Treasures Reading series. I found this site that has broken down week by week some poems to go along with each weekly theme. She has done this for 1st and 2nd grades. In my class, we do our poetry notebook whole group, instead of a center, although once they were trained they could. We highlight the rhyming words (after we have picked them out and I write them on the board) and then usually have some kind of art activity to go along with the poem. If it's something that might work for you, definitely check it out! Hope this gives you some ideas.

  7. I pick poems out of my poetry books, laminate them, and put them in a basket for when me have free reading time or choice. On the backs of the poems I write; If you like this poem, read more in... and I write down the Title and page # of the book it was from.

    Not much, but definitely easy for them to find poems from the same author.

  8. We have a poetry center and it is a great way for me to bring in the Science and Social Studies themes we are teaching. I also add holiday/seasonal poems. My kiddos each have a poetry folder. One of their favorite things to do is sequence the poem with sentence strips. I have a paper copy they have to cut and sequence and then read it to 2 friends. One of their choices when they finish their centers or other work is to read from their poetry folders...they LOVE to do this. I have a couple of response sheets that are generic that they can use too!

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