Friday, June 15, 2012

Classroom Makeover: Day Two

Slowly but surely, the classroom is coming together. It still looks like a teacher supply store exploded all over my classroom and I don't know where in the world it's all going, but it is coming together. :) Here's what I've accomplished so far.
Focus Board started. I found these two cute cupcakes in my cabinet that I had bought a loonng time ago at Pier One. I decided to use these for this board and create a "Sweet Treats" theme. I should have taken a close up pic of the cupcakes...they kinda look like pineapples in these pics :)

Aren't these shelves neat?? I am loving how they look and how much storage they added. I found them at Lowes on sale. The baskets are sold separately, so it was a little more than I planned to spend since I bought two, but I think it will really help keep everything organized for my centers. It also helped form the reading area. 

Something will be on top of these shelves, just not sure what yet.

Mailboxes. They will look much better when I get the names and labels on each box. I'm also not loving the three buckets I have on the top, but I like the idea of the buckets, just not these.

Small group meeting area. The word wall will go on the wall behind this, so that'll help make the space cozier. Check out my spray painted chairs :) I've got two more to add to this area, but they are currently being painted by my dad.

Don't be fooled. Those books may look like they're sorted into themes and categories, but they're not. :D That's on my to do list. The board behind the cubbies will be a student work display like the bee board in my old room.

Math board: The theme for this board is Curious George, which I'm really hoping turns out as cute as it is in my head. Does anyone use the series Go Math! ? We just adopted this program and they incorporate Curious George, which I didn't know until after I had decided to theme the board like this, so I thought that was kinda neat. Any thoughts on this series? I'd love to hear them! It looks good, so I'm excited about it.  

This board is really cute, but the picture of it isn't good. It will be the concept question board.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


  1. Love the pink Bboard. It goes great with your wall color.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. Love the wall color more and more with all the pictures. Wish I could see it in person. I cannot wait to see more!! I haven't done a thing to my room since I walked out on may 17. I am just not motivated. They will move everything out the first of July to wax the floors so I guess I'm waiting until after that!

  3. I'm love seeing the transformation of your classroom! It gives me so much inspiration for my room. We can't get into our rooms until mid July.
    Fourth and Ten
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    Formerly Stories From Second

  4. Your classroom is adorable! I'm your newest follower, and a brand new blogger. I'd love for you to drop by my blog soon!

    Teaching Maddeness

  5. I am LOVING the new color!! I wish I could paint my room! I can't wait to see more!
    Southern Sweetie in Second

  6. I love the colors you are using! Question: Are your cubbies built in or did you buy those cubbies somewhere?
    An Open Door

  7. I absolutely love that color! I would love to know how long it took your painter to complete that!!?? I have one cinderblock wall to paint, and it frightens me!! Your room is looking great!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  8. Love the new pics! We use gomath but I haven't seen Curious George. Maybe we have an older edition? We adopted it two years ago.

    Miss Nelson's blog

  9. Thanks for sharing your pics. They are cleaning carpets at my school and then later will be waxing floors. It will be a little while before I can even get in my room. We are looking at Go Math and enVision Math. Did you look at enVision and Go Math? I'd love to know about both if you did.

  10. Love the colors you have used in your room!! When do you go back to school?


  11. Wow, so bright and cheery. Pefect for little first graders. You are off to a great start! Keep it up!

  12. Your room is looking great!! I can't wait to see the finished prodcut!

  13. The color of your walls is awesome! And everything is so bright and colorful. I wish I could paint my room!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  14. Love the bright colors and the shelves from Lowe's!! What color is your paint?
    Thanks for sharing!! :) (Especially the bees!!)

  15. Its looking super-cute! I am so jealous of you! We are not allowed in our rooms until three days before school starts and we could NEVER EVER paint our rooms. I can't wait for more pics - keep 'em coming!


  16. I love everything! Thank you for sharing! Quick question, I notice you have cement walls. What do you use to make everything stick on them? I am currently in a new school that has these walls and I don't know what really works to make everything stay up! :)

    Thank you in advance for your information!

  17. I LOVE your makeovers. The colors you chose just make me feel happy!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  18. I am loving the new classroom! Can't wait to see how things progress.

  19. I love love love your classroom!!! Looks huge! I have to organize all my books too! I have started working on some cute furniture for my classroom for next year....go check them out :) when you get some time.

  20. I agree with everyone else - fantastic choice of wall color! I'm hoping I can paint my room next summer, and this color is certainly one I have in mind. On the concept question board...does that relate to CCSS? I think it's a great idea to a have a special place for that. :)

  21. I'm your newest follower! Thank you for sharing your progression of your classroom makesover. I am starting in a new school this year and you are putting me and ease and getting excited about decorating my new classroom! Keep the tips and pics coming! You have also inspired me to blog about my classroom adventures!