Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom Update

It's been a slow go in the classroom here lately. I feel like I've gotten a ton done, but it's mostly just putting things where they go, making centers, and a ton of FILING! While I feel much more organized, there hasn't been much to show y'all. I have gotten a few things put up though.

I put up my new classroom rules.

 This is my new behavior system. I did this two years ago and I think I like this better than what I did last year. I haven't finished yet and when I do, I'll explain it in more detail!

 Don't you just love these cupcakes?? They are a clipart file by Jessica Weible. I love them! 

 Thanks to a friend, I *finally* found all the green ottomans from Walmart for my computer seating.

I still feel like there is so much left to do, but I can finally see it coming together and starting to look like a classroom. I'm getting so excited about going back to school! I mailed out my postcards to my kids last week. I was so happy to find out that the post office had kid friendly stamps. Don't they make the postcards so much cuter?

We go back next week, but kids don't come back until the 20th.  When do y'all go back? :)


  1. Leslie Ann...your room is beautiful. I am in love!!!!

  2. Your room looks wonderful, I am jealous that you were able to paint. I go back on September 4th and my kids start the 5th. This year we can't get back in our rooms to work until August 20th. We only get 8 days to work in our rooms this year (our district is closed on Fridays during the summer).

    Fun and Learning in First

  3. Feels good to get things done, huh? I love those ottomans!! The kids will love those letters with those stamps!

    ~ Mizz J
    Apple Blossoms

  4. LOVE your room!! Those cupcakes would keep me hungry! We are in training this week and next week while the kiddos come back on the 20th.

    First Grade Circus

  5. Your room looks wonderful!! I love the green ottomans!! I am so psyched that they have kid friendly stamps for postcards. My postcards will be going out at the beginning of next week & that is a great idea! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. I love the postcards and ottomans! What do you write on your postcards home to the students? I'm a first year teacher and I want to send a little something home next week in the packets my schools sends to families. I want something for the parents and then something separate for the students. Any suggestions???


  7. Leslie,

    Your room is looking great! I am excited to follow you this year, we also use Reading Streets.

  8. I love the green atoms!! We go back next week and start on the 20th too!

  9. I return tomorrow for Wednesday and Thursday...have Friday off and then back all week next week. Our kiddos start on Aug. 20th also.

    Donna Williams

  10. your class looks fantastic!!!! I'm getting lots of idea to set up my class.
    the thing is here in spain i will only have 3 days to prepare everything before the kids arrive...We start the 3rd and the kids come the 6th... it's going to be crazy those three days

  11. I love your seating at you computer area. I saw those at Walmart but they were $30.00 each. I don't have ANY type of budget at school so I'd have to fork out the money and that was too much for me!