Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Week in Review

Here are a few happenings from this past week.
We've been learning about sentences this week. I made this anchor chart to help us remember what a sentence is and what it contains.

I found this lovely idea via Pinterest. You can find the original source here.

As part of our ABC Review we are celebrating the letters 'm' and 'd' by having Muffins with Mom and Doughnuts with Dad. I'll show the finished product tomorrow :)

I'm still trying to make sense of Go Math! After taking the teaching guide home with me this weekend, I feel a lot more comfortable with it. I made these for the math board, which I hope will help the kids make sense of what and why we are learning things in such a way. 

This is the way I'm displaying the math vocabulary for the chapter.

I'll display the daily problem here.

I'll be back tomorrow to show y'all our cute Doughnuts and Muffins crafts and writing activities. :) Have a great week, y'all! :) :)


  1. Leslie,
    I love your anchor charts! We use Reading Street so I often use your ideas. Darn the luck we picke enVisions math over Go Math. Hope you are having a good year! I have Day 4 tomorrow so we are still reviewing... Liz in South Dakota

  2. what cute charts and posters! Your donuts are adorable too! Oh the fun life of a teacher!! :)

  3. Wonderful anchor charts! Your style is inspiring! SMILES and stop by anytime!

  4. This might be a dumb question...but how do you change out your charts and things on your bulletin board paper without ripping it? Tape or something else??

  5. I would love your essential questions for math! Do you plan on selling them?

  6. love your math wall


  7. I like you B and D idea...I use b has a belly and d has a derrière (dairy air is how it is said). The kiddos love it!

    Keep Calm and Apple On

  8. I love your Math Focus Board! I have recreated it in my room and posted about it on my blog! Stop by and see it :)
    Southern Sweetie in Second

  9. Ciao! mi piacciono molto questi lavori, davvero spettacolari ..chi è l'autore? :)
    Ti lascio il mio blog di annunci Magari trovi cose interessanti e ti può aiutare a ispirarti nel creare loghi, flyer personalizzati e cosi via! Un saluto