Monday, July 29, 2013

A literacy Activity, a Freebie, and a Sale!

***If you notice, the page links on the blog are gone. I'm working on organizing them a bit better, so hopefully they'll be back up soon! :)

I've just uploaded my newest fry phrase activity: Look Sharp!
Click the pic to get it. Everything in my store (including this pack will be 15% off tomorrow for a Flash sale!) You can visit my store here
I'm planning on creating several more packs in my B2S series so be on the outlook for those!
In this fry phrase game, you will get a colored version and a black and white version that allows you to print on colored paper and save on ink. 

colored version

B/W version

To play, students flip all the pencils face down and take turns flipping them over. When a match is found, that student records it on the recording sheet.
The person who fills up their recording sheet first is the winner! Also included in the packet is the label to create your own "I'm a Look Sharp Whiz" pencil jar in which the winner will choose a pencil from.

Now for the freebie!
I've been trying to create some pages for an interactive notebook for my 5th graders and I created this sheet that can be used in ANY grade and I thought I'd share. Just click the pic to download it from my store. Feedback is always appreciated! :)

Here's the printable in action! It always helps me to see how someone uses something. 

Happy Teaching! :)


  1. excited about your new fry phrase game!!! YAY!

  2. Love the play on look sharp!

  3. Looks great Leslie!! But you never disappoint!