Friday, February 21, 2014

#LAeverday2014 Weekly Recap

Be sure and follow me on Instagram at msleslieann01 :) Here's Week 8 Recap

{Day 38- New blog design!}

{Day 39- Working hard while staying at my grandparents}

{Day 40- Tuck Everlasting charts}

{Day 41- My favorite activity using your handbags to draw conclusions}

{Day 42- Snow Days mean magazines and hot chocolate!}

{Day 43- One of my favorite magazines ever. Thankful for the snow day so I can devour it}

{Day 44- Great Mail Day!}

{Day 45- Valentine's Day in Lilly}

{Day 46- Family Night at my grandparent's for Pawpaw's Birthday Day}

{Day 47- Manicure time :)}

{Day 48- Am I rushing spring? Maybe, but I couldn't wait any longer!}

{Day 49- Gorgeous afternoon...Reese and I throughly enjoyed it!}

{Day 50- Nothing like waiting until the last minute to create tomorrow's charts}

{Day 51- Finally broke down and bought a Mac Desktop...I'm in love!}


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