Thursday, February 6, 2014

#LAeveryday2014 Weekly Recap

I've gotten a little behind recapping each week's worth of #LAeveryday2014 Instagram posts. Follow along on Instagram: msleslieann01
 Let's get started!

Day 18- Working in my classroom, cleaning and rearranging 

Day 19- Finished the classroom's mini makeover

Day 20- Main idea charts in the making

Day 21- We discussed main idea in depth!

Day 22- My sweet Reese :)

Day 23- Water for the diet...thanks for your suggestions on spicing up water!

Day 24- Since my grandmother has been in the hospital, I've been passing the time by creating!

Day 25- More creating and hospital stays

Day 26- Creating Continues

Day 27- My grandmother has a heart cath this morning...which means a lot of waiting and working

Day 28- Snow!

Day 29- Some of my favs

Day 30- My assistant fell asleep on me!

Day 31- Drugstore beauty always makes me feel better

Day 32- House hunting and planning!

Day 33- My favorite way to unwind from a hard day

Day 34- House Hunting! 

Day 35- Our newest novel study arrived!

Day 36- Jewelry prep

Day 37- Kate Spade paper clips make grading paper just a little more fun :)

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  1. Love all your pictures!!! Hope all is well with your family. Thanks for sharing and take care.. Prayers.
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade

  2. I'm so sorry about all the hospital visits! :( On another note, have fun house hunting! I LOVE your handwriting, btw. Your classroom looks so stinkin' adorable! I know this is the most random comment ever, but you had so much to share and there was so much I wanted to mention! :) And I'm LOVING your blog design! :)

    Permanently Primary