Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Classroom Makeover 2014 Begins & The Bachelorette

I was able to get back in my classroom yesterday and am I just thrilled. I LOVE setting up my classroom each summer. If the job of classroom decorator existed, I would be in heaven. Since we have to move everything out of our classroom at the end of each year, we come back to a big mess! I was able to get all the furniture placed yesterday, but that's as far as I got! Here's what I walked into and here's what I left with. Little steps, people. Little steps :)

I'll be back tomorrow with This Week's Favorite Pins. I was too preoccupied with The Bachelorette last night to post. Anyone else watching it this season? If you are, then you are having the privilege of meeting my future husband-this guy:
Is he not absolutely gorgeous???? I'm smitten. 


  1. Your classroom is looking great!! I haven't been watching the Bachelorette but now I may have to.:-)


  2. You just got in your room?!?! I just got "out" of mine last Thursday! You must start very early!

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  3. Hi Leslie!
    I have moved to a new school/new classroom this year (at my request) and my current project is well underway.. painting! Your classroom is already beautiful and you say you're just getting started with the decorating?! :) I look forward to seeing the final product!

    I'm assuming your future husband is the one in the red shirt? What about the gentleman to the right... Is he taken?! Goodness gracious he's easy on the eyes. :)

  4. I am jealous of your space! I had to move rooms this year and have moved to a much smaller room...I have gotten rid of so many things, but I miss my old room already! Love how bright and cheery your room looks!

  5. Your room is looking' good! I love your color theme! So fun! <3

  6. I think you may be sad at the end of this season of Bachelorette.

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