Monday, June 30, 2014

Reading Street Tip

Over the summer, I always get emails asking about how I taught Scott Foresman Reading Street when I taught 1st grade. While I have never taught the 1st grade Common Core version, I know I would still use my word work phonics packs that I made. I thought I'd share with y'all an older post that explains my phonics packs in detail. Be sure and click the "Phonics Fun" link at the top to check out all my phonics packs! Don't see a sound you need? Email me at :)

I've had several emails asking about my phonics pack, so I thought I'd do a post showing what all is included and the ones that are available. I make these each week and upload them. So far I have all the short vowels and all the long vowels covered. I've also got a pack for /sh/ and /th/ and y as a vowel. I just finished laminating and cutting out the long /e/ ones, so I thought I'd use those as examples so y'all can see the different activities included.
Each pack comes with four word work centers: a word sort, word scramble, fill in the blank, and ABC order. The word scramble and fill in the blank come with a word bank for the kids to use, as you can see below. Each center comes with a recording sheet for the kids to use.If you have any specific phonics skills that you would like to be created into a pack like these, feel free to email! 
 **Sorry for the not so great iphone pics! 

Word Scramble

 Word Sort

 Fill in the blank

 ABC Order

Click on the pics below to check out each unit. 

Updated: Click the "Phonics Fun" link at the top to check out all my phonics packs!


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