Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Classroom Design Progress Update

Hi friends! I spent a good part of the day working my classroom and got a ton done, so I thought I'd share! :)
Aren't these Peanuts characters adorable?? They are suppose to go around a door, but I think they spice up this plain easel stand :)

This entire corner is done! :) 

I am just thrilled with this paper organizer from target. It was only $8, y'all! Go out and get yours now! They were in the back to school section. 


  1. Looks so good!! Where are the genre posters from?

  2. Went to Target for the paper organizer... struck out. Yours looks awesome though.
    Ms. K/1 ELL
    A Teacher's Plan

  3. That paper sorter! Wonder if I could use them as student mailboxes?

  4. This looks fabulous! I wish I had your creativity. I am moving grade from 1st to 3rd and I have moved to a different state! Eek! I ask the same question as Robyn...can I find the genre posters in your TpT store?

  5. Hey there! Quick question, your walls are cinderblock, just like mine. Is the bulletin board to the right of your window actually a bulletin board, or did you find a way to make stuff stick to the blocks? Last year I couldn't figure out anything that worked and so i'm dying to know!

  6. Your blog is awesome!! So glad I stumbled upon this! How can I get the genre posters? Loving this blog!!!