Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday~ Resource Books

Hey y'all! I wanted to share my all time FAVORITE resource books (I call them "teacher books"). These are books I constantly refer to and use to plan/create lessons. Click each picture to read more about each book :)

If you aren't familiar with Ron Clark, you need to be! Oh my goodness! He is my teaching idol. If I'm ever uninspired or not in a "teaching mood", I pull out his book The End of Molasses Classes and read. I promise you it will change the way you go about teaching. It's now my professional goal to move to Atlanta and teach at the Ron Clark Academy. Let me warn you though: I don't think I've ever picked up the book and did not started crying. The stories are so wonderful and it is amazing how he has helped so many kids. This book is a MUST HAVE for teachers! Click the pic to grab your copy.

Debbie Miller is one of my favorite authors and Reading With Meaning is one of the first resource books I bought. This has some wonderful tips on teaching reading, especially in the younger grades. I used it a ton when I taught 1st.

I also LOVED Debbie Diller 's (not to be confused with Debbie Miller!) Literacy Work Stations and Math Work Stations when I taught first. There are some absolutely wonderful center ideas that are easy to make. The math one helped so much when we implemented Go Math! my last year.

This next book is one I was required to have in college and at the time, I didn't realize what a valuable resource it was. When I got hired as a first grade teacher, I quickly found myself reaching for this book. It helped me find activities to use in my word work center and it includes fantastic lists of words for lots of vowel sounds and patterns. I LOVE this book! 

Anything by Fountas and Pinnell is extraordinary. I love reading how they recommend setting up a classroom and what needs to be included. Love! 

This book is one that I just ordered today after seeing so many people instagram it. Are you on instagram? It's my favorite way to share what I'm working on! Follow me: msleslieann01
Anyways, this book looks great! I'm always up for learning more on close right, aren't you? :)

I read The Book Whisper last summer and while some of it simply doesn't work with my schedule of 3 classes, I did find lots of tips and advice that I used all throughout this past school year. It doesn't just apply to upper grades, though. The message is how to create a love of literature in each of your students. I'm currently reading her other book, Reading in the Wild as part of a book study. 

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