Saturday, December 13, 2014

Five for Friday (On Saturday!)

Yesterday was just too crazy for me, so I was unable to link up with Doodle Bugs for my favorite linky! Here's my five for Friday on Saturday :)

Kahoot is quite possibly the best thing ever. My kids BEG to play this and I've noticed a HUGE difference in their vocabulary scores after playing this. I love seeing their funny, creative nicknames. Someone asked me about using nicknames on Instagram. We always play the first round using our real names so I can pull the excel sheet afterwards and see who missed what. Then as a reward, we play a round using nicknames. 

I'm loving this sweet picture of my Reese. It might not be the best background, but how sweet is that face? Love! 

Christmas gifts already? Yes, please!

One of my former student's dad is a flight nurse and all last year the student would bring me different things from the different countries his dad traveled to. He brought in this little chocolate from Africa! So sweet and thoughtful! IHe's also shared with me a Coke from Japan and coins from London. 

I'm preparing these Christmas Conventions centers for next week...Crossing our fingers that we survived this crazy busy upcoming week! These are the gr. 4-6 version, but you can grab the gr. 1-3rd version here.  5 days 'til Christmas break, people!! :) :)


  1. Wow. How did I miss that you are in 5th now!? How do you like it??

  2. We actually got introduced to Kahoot in our staff meeting last week! :) It's really fun!!