Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sale Favs-Show Us What You've Bought (So Far!)

Hi friends! How fabulous was Cyber Monday? It might just be my favorite day of the year. I'm SO happy that TpT's sale is thru today! I'm a HUGE online shopper and I've been shopping so much on TpT it's crazy, y'all.

Today I wanted to share my favorite upper grade products that are on sale, along with some of the products I've purchased from other amazing sellers! I want to see what you've been buying too! Link up with us over at Blog Hoppin'. One of my absolute favs is my Character Comprehension Unit, which I use to teach character traits with. 

It pairs perfectly with my A Trait A Day Pack

Another favorite is my Christmas Conventions Mega Unit. This unit has 7 Language Arts Center Activities. *Love*

My Blooms Ladder are definitely one of my favorites! I use these to increase my students' thinking and work on those HOTS questions.  We treat these as a video game in which you must complete each level's tasks in order to defeat the level and move up. 
My favorite part about this resource is that you can use it with ANY fiction book! 

Now there's a non-fiction version that can be used with ANY non fiction book! :)

Now let's see what all I've bought!
(Click each pic to check out the product!)


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