Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Literacy Packet TPT

Our comprehension skill this week has been realism and fantasy. In our reading series, Reading Street, this skill is taught along with a story called The Lady in the Moon. Not my favorite story in this series. I have been doing activities with my kids in the afternoon that involve Alice in Wonderland. Some of my kids seem to think that fantasy MUST involve an animal talking or wearing clothes. I thought using Alice in Wonderland would show that there are some elements that can be made up that have nothing to do with animals, like Alice drinking the potion that made her shrink. This has really helped reinforce the skill for this week.

I have uploaded the literacy packet onto teachers pay teachers. It has the pattern for this craft that my kids worked on this week. Here's the link


  1. Where did you purchase your clip art, if you don't mind me asking. It's so cute!

  2. We use reading street too...blah :( We are a few weeks behind you guys though...we read The Dot this week.


  3. I LOVE ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!! It's incredible I haven't taught with it yet since I LOVE it so much! I literally have SHELVES full of Alice related collectibles. I use Reading Street too and I do NOT like The Lady in the Moon. I can't wait to check out your packet!!

  4. alice in wonderland is just wonderful! first time at your blog - your job would be such a joy! :)

  5. Is this pack still available? This is our exact objective next week. I'm trying to find it in your tpt store and it's not showing. Thanks!
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