Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Princess and the Pea...TPT!

Tomorrow in my classroom we will kickoff our fairy tales unit! My kids were so very excited when they heard that we would be learning about this genre and I have to admit, I'm so excited to teach it! After having our *last* Saturday makeup weather day yesterday, I spent the entire day today working on activities for tomorrow. That equals one tired teacher! :)
We will begin this fairy tales unit with The Princess and the Pea. This is such a cute story that I know my kids will love! I created a packet that has activities that go along with this story and uploaded it to teachers pay teachers. Check it out here! Perfect for a fairy tales unit..just in time for the royal wedding! ;)
Included in the packet is a 'My Funny Fairy Tale' printable. I was planning on uploading this as a freebie here, but just realized I have no idea how to do that. Help! If soneone could tell me how to upload documents on here, that would be so helpful! :)
I'll post pics tomorrow of some of the activities we do, so stay tuned!


  1. These are the directions I had written out for a friend. See if they work for you...

    From your blog, in top right hand corner..
    Click Design.
    Click my account.
    In my products, click Docs.
    Click Owned by Me.
    Click upload.
    Click select files to upload.
    After it says Upload Complete, click back to Google Docs.
    Click in the box next to the file you want to put in your post.
    Click Share.
    Click Share setting.
    Click Change.
    I click on the choice that says Anyone with a link(because you are going to put the link in your post) Right click on the link at the top of the box. It is already highlighted. Choose copy.
    Click Save and Close.
    Go to blog post and paste.
    Choose image if you are posting a picture.
    If you want them to be able to get your document, type something like Click here. Highlight those words and choose link.

    If you want to put an image of what you want them to get. You have to copy a picture of the document and do the same for that image.

    Let me know if this works for you or if there is something else I may be able to help you with.

    First Grade a la Carte

  2. I use for my docs that I offer up on the blog... they have an "embed" option that you can click and copy the code. Then, when you're writing your post, click on the "edit HTML" tab and paste in your copied code! It'll show up nice and easy on your blog - and it's SUPER easy for others to click and download to their own computers!

  3. i love this! i'll have to check it out on TpT! thanks!


  4. I love your blog! :)
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  5. I love your blog! :)
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