Monday, August 1, 2011

Classroom Decorating: Day Eleven

Back to school time is in the air! I can tell this because I spent a Monday night aka Bachelorette Night in my classroom. Ashley and JP (I'm a JP fan, not Ben F, who up until last week, I couldn't tell apart from Constantine) kept me company while I organized my desk. I didn't accomplish too much tonight, so there's not a lot to blog about but here it is :)

Accomplished: My desk....organized and neat!

I really wanted a new desk, but decided to make do with this...not ideal, but it works!

Accomplished: The first week's math skills displayed on the Math Focus Board. I may change the way I display these, but here's how I'm going to try it at first

Accomplished: The board behind the door. Haven't decided what to put on this yet.
No, those bulletin board paper rolls are not staying there. When I get the final board up either tomorrow or Wednesday these rolls will find their home in the cabinet.

That's all I got tonight! Tomorrow is my *last* day of summer vacation. I'll be spending it being lazy and soaking up the last rays of summer sun. I'll be back Wednesday with some center ideas I've been working on! :)


  1. I absolutely LOVE your room ... I have been stalking all your posts about your room updated lol! I'm moving from 2nd to 4th and your making me miss my little kiddos already thinking about how cute your room is looking. Hopefully I can still manage to keep a cute room and have the kids like it in in 4th ... I dont know why but I keep thinking there sooooo much older and wont like the cutsie stuff?? Anyway your room really looks great!!!


  2. Your room looks amazing! I have a question...about your bulletin boards. Are all the boards in your class "real boards" or are you making board space on a blank wall? I ask because I only have a few boards...but I've put up paper and borders on my empty walls, but I'm worried about using tape to display their work(because it would tear when I took old work down to put up new). If you are using empty wall space to make your do you display student's you use tape ??? Sorry for the long question.

  3. It has been so awesome to watch your room come together! Thanks for sharing!

    -Ms. Thomas

    The First Grade Jungle

  4. Your room looks so great! I love your Dr. Seuss math focus board :) Happy Back to School!