Saturday, April 16, 2011

SmartBoard Help!

I need help yet again! This year I was lucky enough recieve a Smartboard for my classroom. I love this piece of technology and use it every day, but I'm stuck on how to use it as a center. I've seen it used as a center where kids play a phonics game. I really want to start using it like this, but I have no idea where to start. Please, please, please share if you have a smartboard and let the kids use it. How do you use it? Where do you get the activities to use on it??


  1. I have had my smartboard for about 2 years and use it for centers. I have put together a DVD with over 100 activities to use with first graders. Many can be used as centers. Take a look at the list of activities on the DVD at

  2. Hey Leslie Ann! I don't have a Smartboard yet, but I do have a Mobi Interwrite tablet which controls the board. I let the kids work in pairs. During reading rotations, I let them explore, especially the "I'm Reading" section. During math, we play on I love this one because it has four great interactive games for addition/subtraction like Jet Ski Racing and Alien Math! Hope this helps!
    Teaching Happily Ever After

  3. Smartboard Exchange and Promenthean Planet have a lot of word work activities for students to use during centers. A lot of times I just create my own flipcharts that focus on the phonics skill of the week. I use it in center frequently but not all the time. The kids love it and get really excited when they are using it. Make sure you set good ground rules for using the board and be careful about games with sound. My board can get really loud and distract others. Hope this helps you out!

  4. Smartboard Exchange is great. And you can create things like what you do for you centers right on the smartboard. It's easy!! :) I promise. If you want send me an email of the what you are working on and I can see if I have one and send it to you.


  5. Leslie Ann- I use Smart Exchange to find whatever skill I am working on. I think I am going to have a post about the smartboard so I will let you know if I do :)

    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

  6. I use spelling city,com, and education city for my students to use on the smartboard during center rotations. I simply plug in the skill on a piece of paper that I want them to navigate to and voila, they have something quick easy and fun to work on.