Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reading Street Linky Party!

Okay, this is my first time doing a linky party and I don't wanna throw a dud of a party, so I'll try and make it good :) When I was a first year teacher it was my school's 2nd year using Reading Street. I was constantly googling ideas and finding absolutely NOTHING! That was before I discovered the world of teacher blogs and since this discovery, I have found thousands of fabulous ideas, not just for Scott Foresman Reading Street but with all things teaching.
So here's the party details. Share one idea for using Scott Foresman Reading Street in your classroom. Not just first grade, but all grades! It can be a display, the way you teach whole or small group, center ideas, anything and everything Reading Street! I've already shared all my ideas before the idea of this party was mentioned, but my previous ideas can be found here, here, here, here, and here.


  1. I just posted a link to my SF Reading Street page. I teach Kindergarten. Thanks for hosting!!
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

  2. I was just wondering, do you use Pinterest? It is a great way of "pinning" or keeping track of ideas you find online. If you do, I would love to see what school ideas you've found. If not, check it out ( and if you like it, I can send you an invitation to join. :-)

  3. Hey I'm sorry one of mine posted twice! Could you please delete entry #5 (Repeat of "The Dot").
    I'm glad to get some new ideas with reading street! Also, if you haven't seen Robin Parker's reading street resources, it's a must visit!

    And here is Waltke's Web, which has K-5 Scott Foresman Resources.

    +Teaching Happily Ever After
    ~Creative Teaching with a Technology Twist~

  4. I sent a link to a post using Retelling Televisions...with An Egg is an Egg...I'm thinking it's unit three???

  5. I sent in a link for the Reading Street spreadsheet for skills that helps me keep my reading plans organized and ready to roll.
    Come take a look at the First Grade Teachers in TN blog!

  6. There's a chance I may have added my link twice on your linky party. OOPS! This is still all new to me. My apologies!

    Thanks for hosting!

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  8. Just posted how I use Reading Street in my classroom!

  9. I love reading all the different ways to use Reading Street. I too felt overwhelmed with the series until I found all the great resources all of you share! I have a question...How do you take grades? Do you take a spelling test grade, concept grade, fluency? How do you assess for end of six weeks report cards? Just wandering how you manage with so much in this series.


  10. Thanks for having this linky party!! I have learned so much!


  11. Mireya- We take a spelling grade, weekly selection test grade, D.O.L. (Daily Fix It) grade, and starting in Unit 3, we take a Fresh Read grade. We then take an average of all those grades and get a report grade for each subject. :)

  12. I joined yesterday & am announcing it on FB now. Good idea!
    Peace, Mel D
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  13. I have never been part of a linky party so I don't know if I did it right! :) But I added the link of where my reading street picture of my focus wall is and I am excited to learn of more reading street resources since I am switching to 1st grade this year :) Thanks everyone!
    a site I learned about on PT today is this

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  15. I'm a newbie to blogging and to linky parties so I hope I do this right!!! I use S.F. and integrate it into my writing. I map out the word work skills and introduce many of them during my modeled writing time and talk with the kids about the skills during conferencing.


  16. Glad to have found your site!

  17. I use Waltke's web, and I teach in groups. I use the Leveled readers to help me! Each group may be on a different story, it sounds confusing, but it works for me:)

    1. I was stopping by to check and see if anyone else had just stumbled on this and if more ideas are pouring in! There are so many ideas on this blog, that my hubby keeps asking me if I am ok! LOL
      Crazy About First Grade

  18. I am so excited to find all of this! I am a first year teacher and I, too, have been scouring everywhere for ideas for how to teach Reading Street. I love your blog and am now an official follower. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!!! :)