Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Keeping Students on Task-Agenda Board

Hi friends! I wanted to share an idea that has worked REALLY well in my classroom this semester. It has made staying on task (for both me and my kids!) a whole lot easier. 
When you go to certain types of events like workshops, trainings, banquets, etc, you are sometimes given a program that has a list of what will take place. If you're like me, you constantly refer back to that list and mentally prepare for what's next and check off each thing. Or am I the only one who does that? ;) 

I put myself in my kids' shoes one day and thought, "I bet they are wondering what all we are going to do today." In fact, that was usually the first thing the kids asked me when they got to my room.

Over and over I would say, "You'll find out!" I noticed this was quickly becoming a problem and I set out to come up with a way to solve it. I noticed that I would make lists of things we had to do each day. Since we start out by emailing the Status of the Class, followed by a quick Book Share, I would jot down on a sticky note what we were doing after that. This helped make sure I didn't try and cram in too much or not have enough to stay busy. I realized by sharing this info with the kids, it would allow them to be in the know and I could map out our day! It has worked extremely well! The kids immediately look at it when they arrive in my class and get busy. I don't have to say anything!

Usually we check off each task as we complete them!

Happy Tuesday, y'all!