Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reading/Math Centers and Chocolate Chip Cookie Halves

I just have to brag on my sweet boys and girls. They are doing so great in reading centers. Last week I thought and took a few pics of them working on their work. Aren't they doing such a good job?

They are doing a wonderful job with the sound sorting packets. Visit my TPT to get the ones for short a and short i. I just uploaded Short 'o'
Click the pic or here to get it!

Today in math, we did our first lesson on fractions. It was only on halves, so we made a chocolate chip cookie, divided it in half by drawing a line down the middle and writing which classmate we would share our half with. They love this activity!

We also did the Counting Cupcakes math center today and it was a huge hit! My darlings did sooo great with it! I'll try and take pictures tomorrow to share with y'all. You can find this activity here


  1. They are adorable! My kids are loving their math centers. It's so great when the kids are excited about learning.

  2. I love your "hands on" centers! You understand that children love to work together and that everyone benefits! Love your portable plastic writing desks, where did you get them? Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  3. LOVE your blog!!! I have the same question as Mrs. C... Where, oh where did you find those wonderful little lap desks? I use lots of clipboards during out literacy centers but these would be WoNdErFuL!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  4. Where can I buy those small tables? What is the name of them?
    Thanks for sharing!