Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Hocus Pocus Time!

We've started making a few "Halloweeny" things for our classroom this week and the kids are lovin' it! We made witches feet today, along with a writing activity. The kids wrote about what their favorite part of Halloween is. Witches feet are my favorite Halloween symbol and I absolutely love making Dorthy's red slippers during our Wizard of Oz study last spring (I used the wonderful Babbling Abby's Wizard of Oz unit....soooo good!) I also brought out my purple Halloween lights and put them on the cubbies with our witches feet. Take a Look!
*** The pattern for this craft is in my Halloween Unit on TPT. You can get it here I have a poem featured on the craft in the unit, but we decided to use it with a writing activity today.

You can't really see the purple lights, but it looks really cute. :)


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! :) You have some of the cutest ideas!

    Frolicking Through First

  2. I really love your witches feet craft!! I was wondering if there's a book you'd recommend to go along with the craft? Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!