Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two New Centers on TPT

I have just uploaded two new centers to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click each pic below to see the center.
This math center focuses on beginning addition facts like the doubles facts, adding 1 facts, and adding 0

This sound sorting center is centered around the long a sound. Students will sort word cards with long a, short a, and words that have the vowel sound /all/. 
***I don't know about y'all but I'm running into to some major ink problems! It seems like I'm always out of color ink! I made this sound sorting center in all black and white and printed it onto colored paper to save ink, so hopefully that'll help for y'all too!


  1. Leslie Ann,
    I love the things you make! I also teach Reading Street and it is always nice to have centers to practice and reinforce the skills (in a fun way). Thanks so much for making this unit in black and white. I have even started running the colored ones with black ink to save some money. I would rather spend my money on laminating pouches for my laminator. :) Liz in South Dakota

  2. I love all your centers and clip art. Where do you get it from? I would love to use your centers, but I teach 5th grade.

  3. Hooray for black and white!!! Thanks!