Monday, October 3, 2011

What are fry phrases?

I've been posting a lot about using fry phrases in my classroom and I've gotten several emails asking what fry phrases are exactly. 
At a workshop I attended at the beginning on the year, we were given a list of fry phrases. These were created by Dr. Edward Fry and the phrases are made up from his list of sight words. The first 300 phrases make up 67% of all words that children encounter when they read. My class is making their way through the list and I'm starting to see a lot of progress! I hear a lot of my kids using these phrases in their everyday speech and they get so tickled when they realize they just used a fry phrase.
My kids LOVE doing these! We go over them everyday in small groups. I introduce 10 new phrases each week. We add to our collection every week so we've got quite a few now. My kids even ask to go over these in the afternoon after my car riders leave. They usually just sit and color or watch tv for the 20 min until the buses are ready, so I thought this was great that they actually wanted to go into groups and go over fry phrases instead of coloring. I cannot tell you how much they enjoy them. It's their most favorite activity in our small group lesson by far! 
I've created several fry phrases packets. My aliens are uploaded on TPT. These are the first phrases I started with. Click the pic below to get them!

I promised my kids that if they could tell me all of the aliens, then I would make Halloween ones, and they did! They were so excited about these! Click the pic to get them on TPT

I've also created Forest Friends. I've had several requests for these, so I will try and upload them soon
Hope everyone has a great week!


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