Friday, October 21, 2011

Unit 2 Reading Street Concept Question Board

I decided to change up the question board this unit. I liked the way the first board looked, but I felt like it was more for decoration and I want it to be more of an interactive board that the kids help make. So, I came up with this:
I've made a chart that has the unit question in the middle and all the weekly questions surrounding it, but forgot to take a pic of it. On this board, the weekly question is in green and the kids have answered it in their journals and I displayed their work. They really liked this and I felt like they noticed and "understood" the board so much better this way. Here's a close up of some of their answers.

This is my kind of family! :)

We just finished up with A Big Fish for Max for all you 1st grade reading street teachers, so I'll post some of the charts we made and my new vocabulary center that has worked out *fabulously* tomorrow :)
Hope everyone's had a great week and I hope everyone has a really great, long weekend! Roll Tide!!!


  1. Love this! We do reading street as well. What are the die cut letters for "unit theme". Did you buy those or are they from a die cut machine?

  2. I really like the BB idea to document students' thoughts on the focus question. We use Reading Street as well, and I love the big ideas within it, and I find that focusing on the big ideas have made my students much deeper thinkers as a result. I might try doing my own BB for the focus questions. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Holy cuteness! I love this idea! I may have to adapt this for my thirdsters. :) I wish we taught at the same school! Haha. For some reason, I feel like we could collaborate like crazy!!!!