Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Awesome Adjectives and Anchor Charts

We all know how much I love self portrait activities. I love how each of my kids draw themselves to reflect their personality. So when I saw this adorable "Awesome Adjectives" activity from First Grade Lyon's Den via Pinterest, I knew we had to recreate it in our classroom. Aren't they cute?

This week we're learning about Barnum Brown, aka Mr. Bones. This story is all about the discovery of the first t-rex. We made a brace map to help organize our facts. This was the first brace map I've ever created with this class and I was a little worried about how well they would catch on to the whole " could, had, and are" thing, but they really did a good job with it.
We also discussed what questions we would like to ask Barnum Brown if he were alive today. They loved this!


  1. Loving the Adjectives!! We have been working on them for a couple of weeks... I think my firsties would enjoy this activity! Thanks ;)

    Tattling to the Teacher

  2. I love when the children do self portraits, too. They are so cute and amusing to look at. I do this adjective activity every year and it is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing your cute pictures. I will post pictures soon of when I do this activity. I just started a new blog. Feel free to come follow me! Thanks!

    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. I love your questions chart! Makes me miss 1st grade!! Mr. Bones was one of my favorite stories!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  4. I love the self portrait activity!! And your ?s anchor chart!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. Thanks for the great anchor charts. I have all of a sudden had an obsession for them and there are soooo many on blogs tonight.

  6. Love the Awesome Adjectives that Describe Me activity!! Will try this one soon!!

  7. Love your ideas. Just one detail, your cute T Rex map is a tree map, not a brace map. Great idea though.

  8. I loved the awesome adjectives so much that I decided to do it with my son today. If you have time you may have a look at it on my blog. It would be really nice to receive a comment from you :)). Thanks for sharing your ideas :)).

  9. This is a really cute idea. I know your students enjoyed doing this activity.

    Literacy and Math Ideas