Monday, November 18, 2013

Author's Purpose

Last week we talked about Author's Purpose. We did several fun activities to practice this skill. We did a sorting activity where we took different pieces of text and sorted them into the correct group. I recreated Amy Lemons' adorable posters to use as sorting headers

We are still working on Author's Purpose this week, so I left a little room on our board for a few more additions. I like having these boards so the kids can refer back to them throughout the class and during centers.

Our reading series comes with something they call a "Reader's Writer's Notebook", but all it really is is a workbook. I don't like to use it often because we cover the skills in different ways, but sometimes there's some good stuff. This page contained this passage and graphic organizer, so to make the lesson more interactive and engaging, I wrote the passage out on the chart paper and made a graphic organizer. The kids took turns highlighting the info and filling out the graphic organizer. I did this with a fact and opinion activity a few weeks back and it works really well!

You can see my weekend update over at Southern Belle Inspired. I meant to include this as a Five for Friday post, but of course, forgot. :)


  1. This is really good stuff! I think we may use the same reading series..and like you I do a lot of recreating. I love what you did here!

  2. I love kids struggled with Author's Point of View. This would have definitely helped.