Sunday, May 25, 2014

This Week's Favorite Pins

It's time for this week's favorite pins. Let's jump right in, shall we? :)

I LOVE the idea of bordering anchor charts! These would be perfect for this. It not only would be good for anchor charts, but also for displaying student word! Love, love, love! This idea was from The Pinspired Teacher and you can find it, along with tons of other fabulous ideas, here!)

I am always looking for ways to store centers, and so many times I find myself tucking activities away and not being able to recall where I put them. I love the idea of attaching the cover page to a file folder and sticking the activities right in each folder. Makes it super easy for the kids to use them too! This idea came from Hope King over at Second Grade Shenanigans, but you can find this post over at Blog Hoppin'

Anchor Charts in a binder. I always say I'm going to do this and place it where the students can reference it when needed during independent work, but I NEVER do it! I'm adding this neat idea so hopefully it will stick this time! This pin originates from a blog called Chartchums.  

This pin is probably the most used pin I've ever pinned. I am CONSTANTLY referring to this Ashley Hughes' collection of classrooms. If you are planning a classroom redo this summer, you MUST check it out! My classroom from several years ago is included, just so you know ;) 

What a great use of paint chips?? The three sections make it super easy for kids to find their username and password :) Love! This genius idea came from Little Treasures

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  1. I've so much other school work to do but now I'm spending all my time looking at those other classrooms and planning mine for next year! Must prioritise!
    Growing Little Learners