Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet Frank the Frankenstein!

It's officially Hocus Pocus time. :) We finished up learning about apples yesterday and decided to make our frankensteins so we could go ahead and put them up. Next week is our review week in reading, so I'm planning on using some Halloween books to reteach skills that we learned in unit 1 of Reading Street. Check back for more Halloween activities next week!
Thanks sooo much for everyone who has purchased my Halloween Fry Phrases on Teachers Pay Teachers. I've gotten a couple of emails asking what Fry Phrases are exactly, so I'll post about that later on today. 


  1. The Frankenstein's turned out too cute! I'm sure they are soo excited for Halloween. I wish we could have a review week for reading! Our pacing guides just plow straight ahead, no stopping. Blech! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. So cute! We made your foxes yesterday and I am obsessed with them! Thanks!

  3. Loved the picture and the idea! I used it with the book "Even Monsters Need Haircuts". They had to make the Frankenstein and then write about the steps to cutting his hair! Thanks for sharing!