Monday, November 14, 2011

Dinosaur Patterns Freebie, Counting Turkeys, and Ed and Edie!

I have finally uploaded the dinosaurs patterns! Sorry it took a little while! Click the pic to get them. I've uploaded them onto my teachers pay teachers store, but they're free. I've found it's easier to download from TPT instead of Scribd. 

I found this gem of a book today in our classroom library. So wish I would have discovered it last week. It would have been oh so helpful!
If you haven't yet gotten to the Big Circle in Reading Street, be sure and pick this book up! My kids loved it and it would have been wonderful to use at a poetry center during this story. I may even extend our dino study into this week so we can use it :)

Need a quick activity? A handprint turkey is always a hit! We made these while we counted by 5's and 10's.

And lastly, one of our phonics skills this week is ending -ed, so I created Ed and Edie. I made the married couple "ai" and "ay" via the fabulous Abby's blog last year and it helped my kids understand that sound so much better! 

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  1. The dinosaur on the book you found looks just like the ones your cuties made. Hate finding a book a day late like that. I've started copying the cover and putting it in my art file or reading file (whatever) so I remember to hunt it down the next time.
    2B Honey Bunch

  2. I am having trouble downloading your dinosaur pattern. Can't find it on TPT and it doesn't download when I click the picture either.

  3. I follow your blog and TPT page faithfully. Usually check them both every day and have used tons of your great ideas with my first graders! You have made my teaching and my students' learning much more fun. Thanks for sharing your ideas! P.S. I follow you on Pinterest as well!

  4. Cheryl, I guess it would help if I actually linked the pic to the tpt listing! haha I fixed it now :)

  5. Awesome!!!!! Shoot! We read about dinosaurs last week! Filed it for next year!
    First Grade Delight

  6. Very creative anchor chart for -ed! Kids always respond so much better to a fun way at remembering something. I need to do better at creating more anchor charts. I always use the white board easel and then end up erasing it to do another activity. Neat idea!

  7. Thank You so very much for all of your fine work. I love your ideas. Could you PLEASE tell me where I can get the frame around tje Reading Street question of the day and the houses clip art in your unit 2 ? of the day? thank you.