Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classroom decorating: Day Five

Whew! Y'all, I'm tired! I worked for about 4 hours in my classroom today and got soooo much done! By the time I left, everything was put up and desks were cleared. HUGE accomplishment for the day! I still have a couple of boards left to put up and some more organization to do, not to mention the massive number of wires to untangle and reattach to my computers, but all in all I'd say I'm making progress! 

Accomplished: Math Focus Board
I'm hoping this works as well as my reading focus board. We use Saxon Math so everyday there's a new skill. I plan to type up all the skills so they'll be ready to be displayed weekly. I think this will be good because now the kids will know what the new skill is and what the week holds. It'll also let them know when a test in coming up (the program gives a test every 5 lessons). We don't do a lesson on Fridays, but it didn't look right with just the 4 days of the week to me. :) We do free math centers on Fridays, so I can put that on the Friday section. 

Accomplished: The title of my Schema Board

Accomplished: My favorite little color crayons displayed!
I bought these my first year teaching and they are still my favorite thing ever! I just love these! :)

Accomplished: Drumroll, please!......the tops of the student desks CLEARED!!!

It's almost looking like it's ready for students! Almost.

See the messy, ugly, black wires?? I absolutely HATE wires! But the front of the room is coming together, little by little.


  1. Where'd you get that big green rug? I love it!

  2. Looks good! I love the rug! I WISH I had a smartboard! I bet you are able to do so much with it!
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  3. I love your room! The math board is awesome and I did find the Seuss numbers you used. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Leslie Ann can blog more about the focus boards? I am not familiar with them and would love to hear more about them.

  5. Leslie Ann ~ Your room looks amazing and I love your Math Focus Wall. Our school just adopted Saxon Math so this will be my first year teaching it. I didn't see your math meeting wall anywhere. Do you use all the posters or use your smartboard? I don't have the space in my room but I'm worried that its such a BIG part of Saxon that I need to put it up. I would LOVE to know what you do. Thanks,

  6. Looks like your ready to go. WAY better than me I still have boxes all over my room. :(

    Ms. M
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  7. Your room looks great, but I have a question for you. It looks like your word wall is on a brick wall. I, too, have brick walls in my did you get the word wall square to stick up there? When I tape things to it, they fall after a couple months...cold...humidity...ect...
    Also, did you use fabric or is it paper?
    Thanks so much...I'm struggling with how to do my word wall this year!!!

  8. Your room looks amazing!! I really love your math focus board!


  9. Your room is so colorful and engaging! Well done :)

  10. I LOVE your classroom! You did GREAT!!!

  11. Your room looks great! I am hoping to go in on Monday and take a look. Maybe get started on moving things around. I LOVE YOUR MATH BOARD! I'm a huge Seuss FAN! and that is perfect!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

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