Monday, July 18, 2011

Classroom decorating: Day Four

Slowly but surely, it's coming together. There's still a ton left to do, but I'm starting to see a teeny tiny bit of progress. Here's what's accomplished by day 4:

Accomplished: the new focus board...I'm so happy with the way it turned it!
***Please look over the messy small group table. That, sadly, has not been completed.

Accomplished: Concept Question Map Board
Is that not the cutest alligator you've ever seen?? I used my Cricut to do the animals. For all you fellow Cricuters out there I used the Create A Critter Cartridge. Favorite cartridge ever. 

Accomplished: A little bit more of the writing center
For those of you who have a writing center, do you wait to put up the word lists and examples of writings until you introduce it to the students? Everything I read says that you should and I'm trying to be good, but it really bothers me to have a part of the wall blank for parent night and the first day of school...

Accomplished: The Dr. Seuss Number Cards above the math board
Disregard the posters on the board. They aren't all saying there..I'm just playing around with what I want. :) Math centers are on the cabinet in the blue bins. 

Accomplished: Paper lanterns hung
Aren't these cute? I found them at Pier One Imports and they were 20% off. This might not sound like a lot, but I NEVER find a bargain, so to me it was a deal! And they light up!
Exhibit A:
Love them!

I've gotten several requests to do a post about my word wall, which has a loonnggg story behind it, so that's coming soon! :) I also wanted to say thank you to my new followers...I have just over 500 now. WOW! Super excited about that. I think it calls for a giveway, don't y'all?? :) :)


  1. Does your school start really soon? We have a month left until school starts and I just can't find my way back into the classroom. I have done crafts at home to prepare buttt....I can always live through you for a little bit! :)

  2. I have been following your blog as you prepare your room. It is such an organized plan you have and very functional. I am using Dr. Seuss as my theme too and was wondering where did you get the number cards you have above your math board? I have been looking for something just like those! I love your lamps from Pier 1! If you could reply to my emaill about the number cards I'd appreciate it.

  3. Everything looks so good! I love your Reading Street stuff!

  4. I'm loving it!!!

    Question: Will you explain your concept question map board? It looks like it matches a theme in your reading series. Did you make up the questions? Are those questions for the whole theme? I am so curious. I am trying to use more inquiry / question types of tasks and your board fits right in!

    re: boards that are too blank at the beginning. Some teachers put up signs that say "Coming soon" or "Under construction". But don't worry about it because you have so many adorable things that parents and children will LOVE your room. REALLY!!

    An Open Door

  5. Your room is looking great! We use Reading Street also and I am wanting to do something similar to your map board. Do you leave all of them up for each unit or put up each one as you introduce each story?
    Also, where did you find the cute white organizer by your chair with the colored basket drawers?? SO CUTE!!

  6. Ashley- We go back in a little over 2 weeks so my summer's coming to an end :(
    Camille- I'm planning a post on my concept question board so be sure and look for it soon :)
    T.- I usually leave them up all unit. Technically, you're suppose to put them up weekly, but I like for the kids to see what's to come so I leave mine up. Isn't that organizer great! I got it at Hobby Lobby last summer.

  7. I love how colorful your classroom is! Such cute bulletin boards and how cute was the "let's tweet about it!!"

    Frolicking Through First

  8. Thanks for responding to my question! I appreciate it! I am going to check Hobby Lobby for that organizer!

  9. Question! Where did you find the cute fabric for your boards?! =)

  10. Yep! That is the cutest alligator ever! I love my cricut too.


    Doodle Bugs Teaching
    Doodle Bugs Paper

  11. I don't usually like yellow, but I love it in your room. It just makes me so happy! Your room looks great! Keep posting pics.

  12. cool lanterns... I may have to go visit Pier One! :) You sure have a cozy room!

  13. Beautiful classroom! I found some great paper lanterns at Hobby Lobby today (major discounts in the summer decor aisle!), and I'm excited to brighten up my classroom with them too!

  14. I can't wait to hear more about your animal theme! We start with an animal theme in the late fall and would love to share some great ideas.

  15. I love your "Let's Tweet about it!" section. So cute! Did those birds come from a cricut cartridge??

  16. Amanda- Thank you! Yes, I made the birds from the Create A Critter cartridge. It's my favorite! There are so many cute little animals you can make. If you look at my concept question board, I made all the animals with the same cartridge :)

  17. Hello I am fromm Honduras and this is the first time I teach first grade in English I´ll need your help.

  18. I'm your newest follower. If you get a chance check out my blog Calling Plays in 2nd Grade.

  19. After years of teaching kindergarten, and moving to 1st grade, I need some ideas. Could you and any of your followers email me your daily schedule? I would REALLY appreciate it. I always thought I had a cool room for kindergarten, now I feel a little lost. Your room is so awesome in these pictures. I really would appreciate anyone's schedule or samples of your actual lesson plan schedule. Thanks in advance.